Legal Link’s Ambassador Program allows community partners to learn more about legal navigation, while also receiving professional development and training opportunities. 

Program Details

Ambassadors meet regularly with Legal Link staff to discuss legal navigation issues and serve as a liaison between Legal Link and their organization. There are three main components to Ambassadors’ work as a liaison with Legal Link:

  • Ensure their colleagues know how to access and use legal navigation resources, including signing up for Legal Link’s trainings and attorney consults;
  • Identify unmet legal needs and trends in their client community; and
  • Help to keep Legal Link informed about relevant organizational updates as needed.


Become a Legal Link Ambassador

If you or your staff are interested in becoming a Legal Link Ambassador, please contact us for more information or complete the application below. Ambassadors receive meaningful professional development opportunities, including:   

  • Increased legal knowledge and improved ability to identify and explain key legal processes and resources; 
  • Opportunities for public speaking and training delivery;
  • Deeper understanding of legal empowerment.

Current Ambassadors

Legal Link partners with over 50 leading California Bay Area community-based organizations that are deeply integrated into, and trusted by, the communities they serve. Meet our current Ambassadors below!

Hanna Debsai (she/her)

Flipcause (13)

Rebecca Smith (she/her)

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Melanie Young (she/her)

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Jazmine Murray-Thomas (she/her)

Cristian Urzola (he/him)

Pedro Raymundo (he/him)

Larkin Street Ambassador Pedro Raymundo

Alexandria Liquez (she/her)

Austin Ballard (he/him)

Maddie Striegel (they/them)

Huckleberry Youth Ambassador Maddie Striegel

Stephanie Ceja (she/her)