Cy Pres Funds

Cy pres are funds in class action cases and some other types of legal proceedings that cannot be distributed to the class members or intended beneficiaries of the fund. Typically, courts can distribute these remaining residual funds to appropriate nonprofit organizations.

Legal Link – and the many community-based nonprofit organizations we support – are appropriate beneficiaries of cy pres funds. In California, the laws governing the distribution of cy pres funds allow Legal Link to receive cy pres funds from the residuals in any type of class action. If you, your firm, or someone you know is party to or counsel on a class action case involving potential cy pres awards, you can nominate Legal Link as an awardee.

Why is Legal Link an ideal choice for cy pres funds?

Our Mission:

Legal Link’s mission is to remove legal barriers that prolong poverty by adding critically needed capacity to the legal ecosystem, a mission that has a close nexus to the cases that result in cy pres residuals being available. As a legal nonprofit organization, focused on innovative approaches to ensure access to justice for people experiencing poverty, we are an ideal choice to receive cy pres.

Our Network:

We leverage funds to train hundreds of frontline justice workers each year, who in turn serve thousands of families. Our network of trained advocates includes staff from more than fifty community-based nonprofits, the majority of which are social service providers working to house and stabilize families and Californians in need. Every $1 of cy pres to Legal Link ensures critical legal training and support to our network of 1,400+ frontline justice workers and their clients.

Our Geographic Reach:

We currently provide services across ten counties in Northern California.

For more information, or to arrange a cy pres award, contact Legal Link Co-Executive Director Kate Crowley Richardson at