At LARC, clients get a 10-15 minute consult with a volunteer attorney who can give some basic advice, pointers, and further referrals if needed. Attorneys from the following specialties are typically present: bankruptcy, business issues, consumer, contracts, criminal, employment, estate planning, family, housing, immigration, personal injury, probate, and others.

Clients can also call the Bar Association of San Francisco/JDC main intake line at (415) 989-1616 with questions.

Ways to Contact

LARC is held regularly at UC Hastings College of Law (198 McAllister Street, 1st Floor) and Providence Baptist Church in the Bayview (1601 McKinnon Ave.).

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Attend first-come, first-served clinic where clients receive information and advice from volunteer attorneys.


Collect key information in advance if possible: case numbers, names of key people, court dates and deadlines, documents related to the issue, and any questions you have.