The JDC primarily provides pro bono assistance in the following areas: family law, consumer law, taxpayer disputes with the IRS, and housing.

Note that this same line screens clients for the Bar Association’s referral service to private attorneys.

Ways to Contact

Call for intake with the Bar Association’s Legal Referral and Information Service: 415.989.1616.


During the initial call, Bar Association staff will do an intake to determine what kind of help you need and if you are eligible for the JDC's services. Within 1-2 days,the staff member will call you call back with information about next steps, which could be either free services through the JDC or a private attorney referral.

There is no cost for the intake, referral, or the JDC’s services. If you meet with a private attorney the first meeting typically costs $35.


Collect key information in advance if possible: case numbers, names of key people, court dates and deadlines, documents related to the issue, and any questions you have.